Project Name: Cheltenham Bund Repairs
Brief: Repair of Concrete Chemical Bunds with Structural Bonding Adhesive and Epoxy Mortar
Project Name: Pascoe Vale Concrete Repairs
Brief: Central Remedial’s solution was to break out the spalled and damaged concrete, and repair the area using a non-shrink repair mortar.
Project Name: Shipley Street
Brief: Full Joint Removal and Replacement (Mastic), Application of Silane Waterproofing Membrane, General Concrete Repairs
Project Name: Berwick Concrete Repairs
Brief: Cementitious Concrete Repair and Reinstatement, Anti Corrosion Treatment including Structural Upgrade of Concrete Elements
Project Name: Toorak Road
Brief: PU Injection, Structural Crack Injection and Fairing Coat Aesthetic Colour Match Treatment, Silane Waterproofing Application
Project Name: Cambridge Street
Brief: Structural Crack Injection, Cementitious Concrete Repairs and PU injection (Waterproofing)
Project Name: Pinnacle Apartments
Brief: Structural Crack Injection, Structural Epoxy Repair, Cementitious Repair, Fairing Coat Treatment, High Build Hand Placed Over-Head Repairs. Reinstatement and Repair of Post Tensioning Anchorages following concrete failure. Structural Repair and Injection of “boney” Concrete
Project Name: Capital Square
Brief: Concrete Waterproofing Patching and Treatment of Post Tensioning Anchorage Pockets with High Spec Trafficable Finish, Fairing Coat Colour Match Concrete Repair, Specialist Reinstatement and Repair of Post Tensioning Anchorages following concrete failure, HB Overhead Soffit Repair.
Project Name: Mandurah Forum Shopping Centre
Brief: Fairing Coat Colour Match Exposed Façade Suspended Slab Perimeter, Pressure Grouting of Microfine Grout, Cementitious, Epoxy and HB Concrete Repair, Installation of Temporary Movement Joints including Specialist Microfine Grouting and Placement of Waterproofing Sealants. Structural Injection and Remediation of Post Tensioning Anchorages
Project Name: Elastomeric Trial Application
Brief: Placement of Elastomeric Concrete Jointing Treatment