Hand Placed, Pourable, Supported, Non-Supported, Structural, Non-Structural, Off Form, Colour Matched & Architectural Finishes
Carbon Fibre Wrap, Carbon Fibre Plate & Carbon Fibre Near Mounted Rods
Structural, Non-structural, Waterproofing Injection Systems
Direct and Indirect Treatments including Corrosion Inhibitors
Pourable and Injection Grouting including Void Filling
Flat Jacks, Bar & Strand Stressing (Mono and Multi), Retrofitted Post Tensioning, Heavy Lifting
Movement Joints and Mastic Sealants
Epoxy and Ceramic Coatings for a range of Specialist Applications
Self-Levelling Flooring Solutions
All aspects of Cutting, Coring, Truncating & Rectifying Post Tensioned Concrete Structures
Testing of Substrates including Carbonation Testing & Pull-Off Testing